Tui Snider’s New Book “Paranormal Texas” is now out! Reviews are in!

TuiMy good friend and fellow travel blogger Tui Snider has recently published and released her second book this year. (See my post about her first one HERE).  Just in time for Halloween and the occasional hauntings, this book is a GREAT guide to some of the quirky, offbeat and unique haunted places, graveyards and spooky retreats in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Why creep around at night when so many haunted places in north Texas are open to the public & active during the day? Tui Snider explains the intriguing stories behind some of the paranormal activity in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, and she also gives directions to these places so you can visit them first hand. Here are a few.

*Serial killer’s grave where EVP’s are common
*Amusement park with a haunted candy store
*Country graveyard with a glowing tombstone
*Haunted hotel where a university teaches ghost hunting
*Elevator that opens by itself when pretty women walk by
*Historic cemetery where people get orbs in broad daylight
*Ghost town with an operatic apparition
*B&B with a ghost who is protective of women
*Theater that kept its ghost in mind when remodeling
*Historic town squares where every shop has a ghost

Tui2Tui is also currently offering a Trick or Treat Giveaway and she’s lowered the price on the Kindle version of Paranormal Texas to a mere 99 cents during the Book Release Trick-or-Treat Giveaway. On November 1st, the price pops back up to $4.99. For more details, visit her page about the Giveaway.

I know Tui personally and know the time and effort she takes for research is impeccable.  You can rest assured that this book is packed with great information.

Sumoflam with Tui Snider

Sumoflam with Tui Snider


A number of folks have submitted their comments already:

Diana Coffin – Graves County, Kentucky: “I love this book.  I was just dying to learn more about the unique cemetery stories.”

Carrie Noe Cash – Tightwad, Missouri: “I usually don’t go out of my way to pay for a book online, but this one piqued my interest so I dropped my 99 cents and got it.  Well worth every dollar I spent! Gonna save my pennies and maybe take a trip to Texas.”

Perry Normal – Uncertain, Texas: “I was not certain why Ms. Snider didn’t visit Uncertain to learn about our “Swamp Thing,” but she certainly had some other great stories, especially the one with the orbs in the cemetery! We get those here too.  Maybe her next book can be on the Paranormal in East Texas.”

Rufos Realle – Roswell, New Mexico: “Living with the paranormal daily in UFO central, I found this book to be a wonderful break from the other-worldly appearances here in Roswell.”

Ima Gooly – Boring, Oregon: “Ms Snider has brought excitement to my life.  I have sought to find a new nesting place for my snakes and lizards.  I plan on moving to Fort Worth and spending my time visiting these hauntingly familiar places and hopefully discovering a few of my own.”

Angelica Diablo – Hell, Michigan: “Books on the Paranormal and Ghostly are like arrows, happy is the GothGirl that has her quiver full of them! Thanks Tui for providing me a new and hellaciously yummy book!”

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