19 to 40: The World as Seen Through Her Eyes

I have already noted in previous posts that Julianne has many talents.  One of those that often goes noticed is her photography talent.  As a photographer myself, I truly appreciate the way she captures the world. And no, she doesn’t use a fancy Nikon or Canon.  She uses her iPhone to capture the world around her.  For this post, I want to make it simple.  Following are about 30 pictures that Julianne has taken over the past 10 years.  They come from her travels, her hikes, her bike rides and her observations.  She captures the world around her in a stunning and wonderful fashion, with just the simplest of equipment.  She has “THE EYE.”  So, enjoy a trip through Julianne’s lens on the world.

A San Diego Sunset

The Kentucky River

A flower from somewhere

The San Diego LDS Temple

The streets of Little Italy in Cleveland

Losing at Canasta

Horse Farm country from the Legacy Trail in Lexington

A heart leaf from a hike in Kentucky

Another San Diego sunset

A flower

Horses and Clouds from the Legacy Trail

The old Kirtland Temple in Kirtland, Ohio

A bridge from a bike trail

Mexican Train

A dam picture

A glorious evening on the ocean

Feeling Bubbly

Tulips and Daffodils from a farm in northern Washington

Moss covered rock wall from a hike in Kentucky

Neighborhood park

Boat dock at sunset

Gray’s Arch in Red River Gorge, Kentucky (notice the small people on the right for scale)

Watch out… From Raven’s Run hike in Kentucky

Kentucky River as seen from a hike

Another San Diego sunset. She loves these

The New River Gorge Bridge as seen from across the gorge. In West Virginia

Wildflowers taken on a hike

Textures. She loves textures

Did I say she likes San Diego sunsets?

The holy tree


Countdown 365: #341 – The Joy of Squirrels

(Editor’s Note: As I approach age 60, I am “Counting My Many Blessings” by doing a daily countdown from 365. These are in no particular order, but, as you will see in days following, there is a method to the madness.)

CouncilBluffsSquirrel-300x225Squirrels bring me joy.  They make me happy.  I love watching them.  They are industrious, yet appear to be happy-go-lucky.

Over the last few years I have tried to capture the “joy of squirrels” in photography and have a few good ones.  Following is my take on the “Joy of Squirrels.”


A squirrel rests on the my back deck

A squirrel rests on the my back deck

Squirrel with food storage

Squirrel with food storage

Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek, Part One

Hey Man! Whatcha doin?

Hey Man! Whatcha doin?

Winter Prints

Winter Prints

Just Hanging Around

Just Hanging Around

Black Squirrel taken in Canada

Black Squirrel taken in Canada

Peek a Boo, Part Two

Hide and Seek, Part Two

Getting ready to chuck a snowball (so it seems)

Getting ready to chuck a snowball (so it seems)

Squirrels bring me joy…thus I count them as a blessing


Top Ten Nature Photos from 2014

SUMOFLAM PHOTOGRAPHYThroughout my travels I took over 3000 photos in 2014. Many are travel and quirky things, but there were a number of nature photos I took while on the road as well as right here at home in Lexington.  I have grown to love nature…watching squirrels play in the trees, watching geese fly overhead, gaining joy points from a sunrise. Herein are my ten favorite nature shots from 2014 and the stories behind them (and a few honorable mentions).


Blue Heron at Sunrise

Blue Heron at Sunrise

This shot was captured only a few miles from my house on a late spring morning.  I frequent Jacobson Park on nice mornings after dropping my wife off at work at the University of Kentucky.  I like the lake there and the wildlife and the sunrises on partly cloudy days. This silhouette of the heron against the bright orange lake was one of many “lucky shots” for me in 2014.


The Snowball Squirrel

The Snowball Squirrel

Many of my Facebook friends have seen this shot of a squirrel that looks angry and appears to be getting ready to chuck a snowball at me.  This little guy was frolicking in our front yard after an overnight snow in February and I took about 20 photos.  As I began reviewing them, I was delighted to a chuckle to see this shot!


Magnificent Sunrise

Magnificent Sunrise

There are many mornings that I am able to catch the sunrise after dropping of my wife.  On this particular fall morning in October I caught the magnificent glow behind the clouds.  I had to drive through a couple of neighborhoods as I saw it coming up.  To my good fortune, I came to a clearing and was able to get seven or eight nice shots.


Spider Web in Spring

Spider Web in Spring

On one trip to Jacobson Park, I came across this droplet enhanced spider web.  I love Spider Art!!




In June I took a trip to Galveston, Texas and became fascinated by the brown pelicans (see my blog post).  They flew gracefully, in very specific formations and in synchronized flight.  I took this shot while sitting on the beach relaxing…a rarity for me in my travels.  But, mind you, I was there for a family reunion and we were all at the beach. Love the pelicans.


Watercolor Sky

Watercolor Sky

My good friend Antsy McClain has a song entitled Watercolor Sky (unreleased on any albums – I have a demo version). When I see skies like this it reminds me of the title, though the song is about a broken up love relationship. “We cut our way through evergreens that stood a mile high, through a patchwork quilt of farmland and a watercolor sky.”  I love to look at the skies as I drive through the evergreens, the mountains and the patchwork quilts of farmland. This photo was taken in Lexington, ironically.


The Beartooths

The Beartooths

I fulfilled a life long dream on Memorial Day weekend in 2014 as I got to drive the Beartooth Scenic Highway in north central Wyoming.  These mountains are spectacular (see my blog post) and my photography could never do them justice.


Antelope Convention

Antelope Convention

On my trip through Wyoming (see my blog post) I ran into a herd of about 10 antelope on the side of the road.  I stopped, stayed in the car with the window open and took about 30 photos of these beautiful animals.  Apparently, in Wyoming they outnumber people.  After a while they all gracefully sped away…they are the fastest land mammals in North America.


Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country

As I drove on US 89 heading south in Montana, I caught this expansive view of clouds over the plains.  The dark clouds and blue sky are so Montana….




This was an amazing fall sunrise I captured one late October morning in Lexington.  I could see it peaking as I headed down Richmond Rd and found a place where I could pull off.  The clouds intensified it.  As I look at this it reminds me of woodblock drawings from 1600 Japan…the land of the Rising Sun.


I have a few more shots I wanted to include in this post….other shots I am proud of.

Goslings - Jacobson Park, Lexington, KY

Goslings – Jacobson Park, Lexington, KY

Red Moon - Lexington, KY

Red Moon – Lexington, KY

Whatcha Doin'? - Jacobson Park, Lexington, KY

Whatcha Doin’? – Jacobson Park, Lexington, KY

Sunrise in Montana - US 89 east of Great Falls, MT

Sunrise in Montana – US 89 east of Great Falls, MT

Wispy Clouds - Lexington, KY

Wispy Clouds – Lexington, KY

Icicle Fence - Jacobson Park, Lexington, KY

Icicle Fence – Jacobson Park, Lexington, KY

The Heavens Are Bright - clouds and sun over Shiro, Texas

The Heavens Are Bright – clouds and sun over Shiro, Texas

Serenity in Winter - Jacobson Lake, Lexington, KY

Serenity in Winter – Jacobson Lake, Lexington, KY

Date Night - Ashland, Wisconson

Date Night – Ashland, Wisconsin

Big Moon - Lexington, KY

Big Moon – Lexington, KY

Blue Heron in Flight - Lexington, KY

Blue Heron in Flight – Lexington, KY

Spring Time - Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Spring Time – Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, KY

Glacier Mountains - Bynum, Montana

Glacier Mountains – Bynum, Montana

Geese in Flight - Lexington, KY

Geese in Flight – Lexington, KY