Crossing Paths – A Julianne Story

Julianne as a toddler

I was a three-year-old boy in Albuquerque New Mexico when she was born in Mesa, Arizona. By the time she was five, I was on my way to Dallas, Texas with my family. By the time she was ten, I was learning the ropes as a junior high student in the Denver area. As she grew to the age of 15 and had begun her high school years, I had already traveled to Bozeman, Great Falls and was a senior in high school in Murray, Utah. By this time, she had become a very talented violinist. I had learned the saxophone.

She grew up in the same home most of her life with her loving family and her many friends throughout her elementary, junior high and high school days. I had moved often and always had to find new friends new places.

Julianne as a young girl (look at those curls)

The Bateman family early on.  Julianne on the left.

Julianne at Church Camp with friends (I think she is the one in front)

She was born in raised into her church, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Not me. Through all of these years I went from being born Catholic, being raised a Jewish boy for the first few years, then attending Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls, and ultimately finding my way into the same church as her

As she was studying hard in high school, I had made my way to Japan to serve as a missionary for the Church.

Bateman Siblings

By the time I returned home, she had graduated high school and made her way to Brigham Young University. I had returned from Japan and also made my way to Brigham Young University. We both had hopes and dreams.

It was not until the fall of 1978, about 40 years ago, that our paths finally crossed. It’s really funny how things happen like this.

My old 1963 yucky green Volkswagen bug had died on me as I prepare to head to work as shoe salesman at JC Penney in Orem, Utah. I made my way to a bus stop so that I could get to work. I needed my job. That day, she also made her way to the bus stop to go to work. She too worked at JCPenney, in the little café, as a waitress. Even then, while working at the same place, our paths never crossed until this auspicious day in the fall of 1978. Having never ridden the bus to work, I did not know what the bus schedule was, but found that as I arrived at the bus stop, I missed the bus. She arrived just a couple minutes later only to find out for me, that she too had missed the bus. But, as fate would have it, I was enamored by this pretty young lady with long flowing brown hair and a gleaming smile who I just miss this bus with me. 

Our first photo together ca. 1978

She was friendly, and called one of her roommates to come pick us up to take us to work. I was grateful for that. But, I was also in love. Instantaneously in love. I knew at the moment we met at the bus stop, she was the one.  But I was shy, yes, an outgoing person, but shy in terms of the opposite sex. She too was somewhat shy, but friendly.  Interestingly enough, we did not introduce ourselves as this was just a chance meeting where our paths have crossed and she was being helpful to get me to the same location she had to go to anyway.

My interest was piqued as I knew she worked in the same place. Soon I was visiting the little café on a daily basis to order cherry cheesecake. My real reason was to observe this fine young lady whose name I still did not know.

Julianne ca. 1978

Then, one day I went in and she was gone. She had left to return home to Arizona. My glimmer of hope had disappeared. And I still did not know her name!

I spent the holiday in Utah wondering about her and if she would return and if I would ever see her again. I made my way down to Jemez Springs, New Mexico to celebrate Christmas with the remnants of my family. Divorce had happened. Challenges happened for my siblings. But, for once, we did get all together to celebrate the one day.

But this story is about Julianne…not me.

I returned to Provo late in December and continued my job. She was not there. She never did return to JCPenney.

School began again and it was back to search mode for me as I strived to find my soulmate. And then it happened! In the midst of the very crowded student center at BYU, I heard a “Hey you!“ called out. I looked. It was her! She had returned and our paths crossed again!! At that point, she did not know my name and I did not know hers. But I made sure this time that would not happen again. I gave her my name, I got her name and her phone number and the rest is history.

Marriage Photo….one of the happiest days of my life

Over the years, this birthday girl who is born when I was three just a few hundred miles away from me, became my wife and the mother of our five children. It was not easy. I took many hours of school and worked. She was left home alone almost all the time to raise these young children. I helped when I could, but she took the biggest load on her shoulders and that continued for many years.

Julianne and me with our first three…all girls..(L to R) Amaree, Chelsea and Marissa.  Julianne made the dresses

Julianne Bateman was now my wife and was an exceptional mother to our children. Unlike many married couples, we had our times of separation for long periods of time. These were job related and not relationship related. 

Family in Japan in late 1980s

I can safely say that my schooling and work was a form of separation, but at least I tried to be home most evenings to spend time with her. She was the love of my life. And I adored our children.

Family Fun

Now together, we eventually made our way to Flagstaff where our first three children were born and I struggled through school and jobs. After graduation, we moved down to “the valley” to attend school in Tempe at Arizona State University where I would seek my masters degree. Once again, I was almost always gone while she stayed home and took care of the children.

Family in Japan in 1987.  We lived in this building.

Our first real extended separation happened in 1987 when I had an opportunity to go to Japan to work. I left in July and left her alone for nearly a month with our children. At this time we had four children and she was pregnant with her fifth and, bless her heart, she had to fly to Japan alone with those children. She flew via soul Korea and their flight was late and she missed the flight to Nagoya and Fukuoka. She was stuck in a foreign country, pregnant with four little children. Ultimately, the next day she did make her way into Japan and I was able to meet her and we had a joyous reunion.

The family in Japan

But, Julianne did not speak the language and I was always gone to work. Once again, she was left alone most of the time to deal with the challenges of life in a foreign country where she did not understand language, the customs or even the ways to purchase food. But she was strong, and she learned and she excelled.

Taking care of children in Japan. She is with Seth and Marissa here.

She had to have her fifth child in a foreign country. She had to deal with a child who got severely burned and had to go spend a few days in a Japanese hospital. She had to manage all of these things on her own predominately due to my work.

We finally made it back to the United States in 1991. It was a challenging time for us as finding potential employment was difficult. After nine months of searching, I finally found a temporary job in Kentucky and once again, I had to leave her alone with five children. But this time, it was for eight months. This was before the days of cell phones, or FaceTime. Our only form of communication was a regular telephone, once a day. But she courageously struggled through that time while I worked far away to provide for our family. During that eight months, I only returned home once, during the holidays, for three or four days and then had to return to Kentucky.

The family visiting Mesa, AZ

Finally, in 1992 we were all able to be together again in Kentucky. But it was not the last time that separation would happen. Jobs came and went, and I eventually worked for eight months living Woodstock, Ontario. Once again, I left her alone to take care of things. By this time three of our children were already married and we had grandchildren. Only one of our children remained at home. She too had a job.

The years after our children left, the empty nest years, I have finally been able to see this sweet lady who has stuck with me for all these years blossom and become her self. For all these many years, she has sacrificed to take care of children, often times alone for long periods of time.

Our family in Lexington, KY around 1995 or 1996

Julianne, who celebrates her birthday this day, is strong and determined. For those many years raising children and being alone or having to get through all of the things that have to be done as a mother, she never got to be herself like she wanted.

Always happy

The whole family in prime form – July 2017 — includes all ten grandchildren and 4 spouses

I am proud of her and am thrilled to see her finally have the opportunity, like a century plant, to finally get her day blossoming. Becoming the beautiful and strong person that she now is and having to have withheld that for all of these years, Has probably been very difficult for her.

Julianne with our five children on my 60th birthday

Julianne and sisters November 2018 – (L-R – Maren, Kathy, Laura, Julianne)

Through all of this, from the day where our paths crossed 40 years ago, there are times where I worry that our paths are separating again. Not because of hate, or desire to separate, but because she has finally had the opportunity to be independent and blossom on her own and find her self. We are a new stage where we must find that sweet spot in our paths that helps us have that crossing again.

Julianne at her birthday celebration in Nov. 2018. (Look at those curls again!)

This person is the love of my life. I am so grateful for her. So honored that she would have me stick with me and sacrifice all these years for the benefit of our children. She is a fun-loving joyous soul who has blessed my life beyond description. I can only pray and hope for more joyous years together with my sweet Julianne who celebrates her birthday this day.  I am so glad our paths crossed all those years ago.

Julianne and David – Nov 4, 2018

Countdown 365: #320 – Chelsea Kravetz Mendez: The Free Spirit

(Editor’s Note: As I approach age 60, I am “Counting My Many Blessings” by doing a daily countdown from 365. These are in no particular order, but, as you will see in days following, there is a method to the madness.)


Chelsea in Oita, Japan in a “Hapi” and headband. This was taken in the fall of 1989.

Today is my daughter Chelsea’s birthday.  She is our sweet “middle child” and has been a “free spirited” soul for as long as I can remember.

Chelsea has always been a cutie and is a loving, caring and thoughtful person.  She has struggled through many challenges in her life and has made it through them.


I consider her a great blessing in my life!

Chelsea on her 3rd birthday

Chelsea on her 3rd birthday

Chelsea was born on a cold November morning in Flagstaff, Arizona.  She came to the world with anticipation.  In those days we didn’t know if the baby would be a boy or a girl, so we had the pleasant surprise of our third daughter in three years.  We “woke up and it was a Chelsea Morning” and thus Chelsea Dawn Kravetz came into this world on November 18, 1983.

Since that time she has generally been a joyful and happy-go-lucky girl.  As she has grown older she has also turned into a prankster, playing jokes on everyone in the family.

Young sassy Chelsea Dawn

Young sassy Chelsea Dawn

Chelsea and her sisters in 1987

Chelsea and her sisters Marissa (L) and Amaree (R) in 1987

a bright smiling Chelsea

a bright smiling Chelsea

Chelsea in a kimono in Japan.

Chelsea in a kimono in Japan.

In 1987 we moved to Japan.  Chelsea was at the age in her life where she was learning to really talk and was thrust into a world of two languages, speaking English at home, watching Japanese TV and then going to Japanese public schools, where the only language she had was written and spoken Japanese.  She was in a totally bi-lingual world.

In many respects it was a wonderful time for her.  As a cute American girl she was loved by all.  And being able to speak Japanese as a Japanese person would only made more love her.

Soon she was sought after for newspaper ads and TV commercials.  Her bright smile, long flowing “American hair” and joyful countenance was a major drawing card. At one time, a major department store had her picture hanging all over the store, in their print ads and on their TV ads.

Chelsea in the Tokiwa Department Store Advertisement

Chelsea in the Tokiwa Department Store Advertisement

ChelsPrincessOne of the most endearing commercials she was in was an advertisement for the Kuju Amusement Park grand opening.  She was dressed up like a little princess. To the left is a photo of them applying the makeup and then a video of the commercial followed by outakes.  Sure to make anyone smile!

Overall, Chelsea was in 5 television commercials and a number of print ads.  All of the kids (except for Solomon) appeared in both print and TV ads in Japan.

Picking oranges in a grove in Saga-no-Seki Japan in 1988

Picking oranges in a grove in Saga-no-Seki Japan in 1988

Upon our return to the United States in late 1991, Chelsea basically went through culture shock.  Her only real life had been as a “gaijin” – foreigner – living a Japanese life.

We came back to Arizona and got the kids into school.  Chelsea had to take English as a Second Language as an American.  We laughed as she said things in a confused fashion:

“Throw a cow” – (a mix of throw a tantrum and have a cow)

“Piece of cinch” – (a mix if Piece of Cake and a Cinch)

And there are others…if I could only remember….


chelsea 2Over the years she has grown into a beautiful woman.  She brought us our first grandchild.  She is a hard worker and has worked her into a management position at Wendy’s, where she has been for nearly 16 years.

During high school Chelsea became proficient on the violin and has always been a lover of music.  She has been way ahead of the trends.  When she was in high school she was already listening to European Gypsy Punk band Gogol Bordello, whom hardly anyone knew back then. They have since become world renown. And today, she is a lover of Bachata music with her favorites being Romeo Santos and Prince Royce.

Chelsea at a Romeo Santos concert in Chicago

Chelsea at a Romeo Santos concert in Chicago

She has also become a great cake artist.  Many come to Chelsea to create an original cake.  Here are a couple of her cake pieces….

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake 2

Birthday Cake 2

Chelsea remains fun-loving and cheerful.  Many of her days are stressful with long work hours, parenting and such.  But she gets through it.  Here are a few more fun photos of Chelsea….my sweet daughter.

Chelsea with daughter Autumn and husband Jorge

Chelsea with daughter Autumn and husband Jorge


Chelsea with daughter Autumn and husband Jorge

Chelsea with daughter Autumn and husband Jorge



Chelsea at her wedding to Jorge

Chelsea at her wedding

Chelsea with her Grandpa Kravetz and Autumn in 2012

Chelsea with her Grandpa Kravetz and Autumn in 2012

Thoughtful Chelsea

Thoughtful Chelsea

Chelsea with her mother and her sister Marissa at the lake

Chelsea with her mother and her sister Marissa at the lake



Chelsea is truly an angel.  I am so grateful for her and the joy she brings to my life and that of my wife….