July 5, 2008 in Canada


July 4th Weekend 2008

Family Comes to Ontario (pg. 2)

by David “Sumoflam” Kravetz


July 5, 2008:  Another beautiful day here in
Ontario and even more so because I am here with some of my family, and more
particularly my sweet wife Julianne.  Today I planned a basic repeat of my
trip to Sparta
and along Lake
.  After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we were off to St. Thomas. 
Obviously, being the elephant collector that Marissa is, a visit to the Jumbo
statue was important.


So, here is Marissa with Jumbo


We whipped through St. Thomas and then headed off to Sparta where we to have
lunch at the Sparta Tea House.  We then visited some of the shops around
the village….


Our first stop
after lunch was to go see my old friend Bill at the Anvil House museum

Juli peaks over
the lilies at the entrance


We then visited
Michelle at the Sparta
, which is now sporting their brand new sign


Owner Michelle
takes a break on the steps to visit


We then walked over
to the

Sparta Candle Factory/Anything Used Shop
.  On my last couple of visits,
I didn’t have a lot of time to peruse the shop.  With the family there we
were able to spend more time and I also had the opportunity to get a photo of
owner Pat Muscat (I had hoped to get a photo of Mary Muscat as well but he was
not there. 


Used/Sparta Candles owner Pat Muscat, with their famous candles


Not only candles,
but flamingoes….


…and frogs


They also make a
fabulous home made fudge and Pat sent us out with some good fudge to munch on.


From Anything Used
we then headed to Winter
.  I had hoped that Julianne could meet Lucy Ogletree, but Lucy
was not in.  In any case, Marissa and Julianne loved the shop and the items
for sale.  I had more of an interest in the activities going on at their
tea house.


The Winter Wheat
Tea House and Lucy and Mike’s fairy tale cottage


My sweetheart
played hide and seek in the whimsical gardens


Some intriguing
wood art


As we visited the
shop we could hear soothing harp music emanating from the grove of trees. 
I wandered over to see Celtic harpist, vocalist and storyteller
Jennifer White and
her percussionist playing by the teahouse.  The music was wonderful and was
very befitting of the whimsical gardens at Winter Wheat.  Samples of
Jennifer’s music can be heard on
CD Baby.


Harpist Jennifer
White and Percussionist Robert McMaster


While we were at Sparta
Teahouse having lunch, Norma Roberts highly recommended we visit another local
artist, Shelley
.  Shelley’s studio and gallery are a bit northeast of Sparta,
closer really to Aylmer. 



Like Lucy Ogletree,
Shelley paints folk art.  But hers is of a different style.  She
paints using acrylics and, as she notes on her website,
she “creates painted stories that take you back a few
moments in time, coaxing reflections & Remembrances of times gone by.” 
Needless to say, Julianne,
an artist in her own
, got along well with Shelley.


Shelley McVittie
stands in front of her studio


Shelley and
Julianne…two artists talking up their handiworks



Julianne loved the work with the quilts

(Samples used by permission from Shelley McVittie)


Some shots from inside her gallery/shop


After an absolutely pleasant visit with Shellie, we headed south towards Lake
Erie to drive along the lake a bit, see the beaches and also visit the wind


Marissa and Julianne holding an interesting plant.  Marissa and Joselyn
with Lake Erie behind them


The Wind Turbines of Lake Erie, with Marissa and Joselyn posing at the
information center.


I have added this map as it details all the backroads I have visited over the
last couple of months


After a beautiful day, we headed off to
Camp 31 in
Paris for a fabulously tasty dinner of smoked Prime Rib and then headed back to
the hotel.


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All photos and commentary expressed are copyright of Sumoflam Productions and David Kravetz. All rights reserved.

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