Countdown 365: #352 – Nature’s Complex Simplicity

Open your eyes, look up, look down and look around…the world is full of what I call “complex simplicity.”


Spider and Web

 The spider spins and creates her web. So complex, yet simple and quiet…and amazing. 


One bush, many colors

As autumn approaches, plants become a colorful canvas for nature. One bush can have a variety of colors… It feels me with awe. 

Sunrise in clouds

Sunsets and sunrises happen every day. Sometimes they are blocked from view by the clouds. Other times the clouds have a special texture. So simple, but complex in that this same scene will never be repeated exactly. 

Textured clouds

How can clouds form like these above? What kind of wind and air current and conditions cause this kind of texture? It amazes me that it can be so symmetrical yet, knowing that this will never look exactly the same makes it so complex.


Ladybug Larvae

I was filling the car with gas one day and saw this little insect on the trunk of the car. No longer than an inch, I wondered what it could be? A beetle? A flying insect? Turns out that this is what a ladybug looks like before it becomes a ladybug. 59 years of never seeing one of these… Amazing.


Floating leaf

I walked to my car one morning to leave the house and saw a leaf floating in mid air. It’s fun around and moved around, but it remained in mid air. The closer inspection revealed one tiny silk strand. holding it in place. Another simply complex marvel of nature.



And finally, there are flowers. We see them every day. But do we really look closely at them? Flowers seem so simple, but in reality, they have so much symmetry, Unique art.

Indeed, simple things of nature with all of their complexity are a blessing to the eyes that look at them and see the finer details. I count this as a big blessing in my life.

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