Countdown 365: #350 – Sub Two Buck Gas


Gas in Nov 2014

Just about one year ago gasoline prices were at $3.09 a gallon in Lexington. It was frustrating, as we would see the gasoline prices start to go down, get under three dollars and then jump back up $.40 a gallon. And we saw that through November and into December.


Gas Feb 2015



By February of this year, I guess Alina dropped almost $.50 a gallon and pretty much remained stable throughout the year fluctuating between that and even getting as low as two dollars a gallon.







Gas Prices May 2015

As we progressed in the summer the prices went back up little by little which was frustrating, as we had heard that they should be going down.

Gas Oct 20, 2015

Fast forward to today and gas prices have dropped under two dollars again.

I count my many blessings and one of them is the days that I see gasoline under two dollars a gallon which, in reality, I had never thought I would see in my life again from my days in the 1970s and 80s.

And of course, keep those Kroger points coming and occasionally you can really get a deep discount on gas!




Gas in May 2015 after a 30 cent Kroger discount!!

There are many things to be grateful for, and low gasoline prices are one of them for that also leads to lower prices on many other things and in this Time when finances can get tight, it is truly something to be grateful for.

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