Countdown 365: #344 – Enjoying the Ride on the Open Road

Duck Lake Rd MT 464-X2One of my favorite pastimes is driving on the open roads of America. There is something about the freedom of the highways that attracts me.  I can be driving through a bleak desert or in the mountains or in the high plains and it is always the same.  More joy points.

Some people hate long drives.  They get uncomfortable.  They want to get I 80 near Green River WY June 2013-X2out and relax.  But for me, driving on the open roads IS relaxing. The view is always changing.  Wildlife may be in the distance.  Unique buildings. Mountains and hills. The variety is astounding.

I love the excitement and anticipation of what might be seen over the next hill or around the next bend. Maybe there will be a spacious view of a lake

Road in Ontario

in the distance, or maybe just a narrow canyon to drive through with towering walls of basalt on both sides of the road.  Either way, it is wonderful. And this is what I refer to as enjoying the ride.

I have driven on gravel roads for miles with the sounds of small rocks banging on the bottom of the car and dust flying out behind me. In the 1930s that is what most of the roads were probably like.

Following is a selection of some of my favorite “road scenes”.  My joy rides if you will.

Alturas Creek Rd ID June 2013-X2ID 32 S towards Driggs-X2Gravel road E of Craig CO June 2013-X2CrabOrchardKY-X2Grand Loop Rd Yellowstone-X2E on US 64 S of Raton NM June 2013-X2I 15 S near Kevin MT-X2Entering Salida CO June 2013-X2The open roads are most certainly one of my many blessings.


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