Countdown 365: #323 – A Day of Rest

SumoflamChurchToday was like any other Sunday.  A day for church and worship.  I am grateful for the Sabbath Day.  It is a blessing.

Honestly, there are days I don’t want to get up and go to church.  I just want to stay home and rest.

But church is refreshing and it renews the soul.

On this Sunday we were taught about the Sabbath Day and how it is a day of rest.  Indeed, for me, Sunday’s are really all about resting.  Recent weeks have been grueling with long hours of work and Julianne has not had it much easier with work and school work.

SundayNap1So, I am grateful to come home from church and take a nap on Sundays.  I value that time and it is one of the few times that I actually ignore phone calls and emails.  I shut down, snuggle next to my sweetheart and we get in a one to two hour nap and then usually go to bed early. Nothing beats a Sunday nap.  It refreshes the body and soul for the next week.

RestI count the Sabbath Day being a day of rest as a blessing. Indeed, it is a weekly blessing I look forward to.

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