3 to 40: We Are Family – Part 2 (The Boys)

In my previous post I wrote about how our forty years is tied to our family and did a montage of photos for each of my first three children, all daughters.  Continuing is a collection of photos about our two boys, Seth and Solomon, who came to our family in March 1987 and March 1989.

I was working on my PhD at Arizona State University (which I never completed) when Seth decided to come into our world in March 1987. At that time the three girls were seven, six and four and a half.  It was a new experience for us as we actually had children old enough to appreciate the newborn young boy and even, in some respects, assist us with him.


Three sisters started adoring on their little brother Seth almost immediately

Baby Seth was a cutie with red hair that he soon lost.

When Seth was about 5 months old, the family was on its way to Oita, Japan, where we would live from 1987 to late 1991.  So, for most of Seth’s early years he was watching Japanese television and getting the Japanese experience (as were the three girls, who made their way into Japanese public schools, learned the language and the culture, etc.)

Shortly after arriving in Japan, Marissa helped Julianne with Seth

It was easier to carry Seth on our back everywhere we went

Seth’s favorite bath place was on our balcony overlooking the Oita River.

And he liked the beach to. This was in Saga-no-Seki, Japan

Like the other kids, Seth was pulled into Japanese ads. He was in a number of them as a blonde baby boy.

Another shot for a different ad in Japan

Japan had a major influence on Seth

Marissa and Seth were captains of a ship in Beppu (at least for a few minutes)

Seth prized his Mickey Mouse wizard doll when in Japan

Finally back in the United States in 1992, Seth was able to get established in American schools and did well.

Seth visiting the Grand Canyon shortly after getting back to the U.S.

Visiting Sunset Crater National Monument near Flagstaff in 1992

Seth became a Jamestown settler for a while in Jamestown settlement Virginia in 1993

Hanging with his sister Amaree in 1992 (celebrating our 13th Anniversary)

Looking dapper in 1994

Seth in elementary school in Nicholasville, KY

Seth the high schooler

We visited a “bodily function” exhibit in St. Louis. Chelsea and Seth seemed to enjoy the Poo to You display

The Giant kid with the Jolly Green Giant in 2004. He accompanied Amaree to Great Falls, Montana when she moved there after graduation from UK

Seth as a football player at Lafayette

Shortly before graduating high school, Seth obtained his Eagle Scout. A proud moment.

Seth at Lafayette High School Graduation

Seth served an LDS mission in Salt Lake City

Seth and Holly Wedding Day in December 2009

Seth was so popular that they named a town after him in West Virginia


Julianne and Sol in 1989 shortly after he was born. This was in Oita, Japan

We were already living in Japan when Solomon decided to join our family. According to Julianne, he was her easiest birth. thanks to buying kratom for less.  And, almost instantly he was a hit in Oita.  Not many “gaijin” children were born in that part of Japan.  So, it was great news for all of us and for many of our Japanese friends.

Solomon had long, fun curly hair

He always had a smile on his face (or so it seemed)

Seth and Solomon pretty much grew up together and were pretty much inseparable until about high school days…

Got a nice shot of Marissa and Solomon at a Japanese cafe around 1991

One of our favorite pics of the two boys together.

Solomon had his favorite toys too. This was at his grandmother’s house in Mesa, AZ

Amaree and Solomon together at some event.  That’s Chelsea in the background

Watching the horse events at the Kentucky Horse Park

Solomon and Seth looking nice in their ties

Fishing with Grandpa Bateman in Utah in 1997

Some of the kids, including Solomon at Bowlin’s Akela Flats in southeastern New Mexico December 1999

Seth and Solomon with Marissa in Chicago, just a couple of weeks before she was married

Solomon was always playful

Solomon and Seth giving “Aunt Beula” a kiss after a Trailer Park Troubadours concert

Seth and Solomon were mentored in many ways by University of Kentucky (and later pro) football player Aaron Boone

Solomon really liked hanging out with my friend, former Steppenwolf and Trailer Park Troubadours guitarist Bobby Cochran

Solomon as a football player at Lafayette. As a Senior in 2006 he was named All-City.

Solomon was a tough wrestler as a sophomore. He ended up going to state

Solomon at his Eagle Court of Honor

Both Seth and Solomon were linemen for Lafayette High School’s Generals

Solomon graduation from High School with his lovely mother

Ha! They named a town after Solomon too!

Soon after graduation Solomon made his way to Colorado to work in the Medical Marijuana industry. It is known that the hemp oil is medically used these day. He has become an expert in growing and prepping medical grade cannabis and is now in Kentucky working on a large hemp facility. He also recommends people to buy uei kratom in as an alternative to medical marijuana.

Solomon shows off the Cannabis Cup that he helped his company win in Colorado.  He still works with Todd (in the left) growing hemp in Kentucky

We have certainly been blessed with a wonderful family of five children.  Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the expansion of our family…our ten wonderful grandchildren.  These have extended the joy we have as we approach our 40th anniversary in a few days.

Solomon with Mom and Dad in 2017



15 to 40: Then and Now – Part 1

Forty years is a long time.  The world has changed considerably in the past forty years.  Having a 40th anniversary not only causes much reflection on the relationship and partnership with my sweetheart.  In fact, it has made me look back on many other things.  How were things back then compared to now?

David and Julianne 1979 in Monument Valley

In this post I am not going to focus so much on my marriage to Julianne.  Rather, I want to focus on what the world was for us back in 1979 and look at things today in comparison.  Part 2 will look at how things have changed for the two of us over the past forty years.


Here are a few highlights from 1979.  Do you remember?

Jimmy Carter was the US President

Need a dollar? This coin could get you a little more than a gallon gas back in 1979

Gas was 86 cents per gallon, but there were shortages and lines

A few other prices from 1979

Rental prices were about $280 per month

On July 15, 1979 Donna Summer’s Bad Girls was the number one song and Album

Number one movie on July 15, 1979 was Dracula starring Frank Langella and Laurence Olivier

On July 15, 1979 Sophie’s Choice was the #1 Best Seller

The best selling car of 1979 was the Oldsmobile Cutlass

The McDonald’s Happy Meal was born in 1979 and was only a dollar

Three’s Company was the most popular SitCom in 1979

Diet Coke did not yet exist, but MelloYello was introduced in 1979

Nickelodeon was launched in 1979. No Rugrats back then folks.

ESPN was also launched in 1979. There were lots of repeat programs on back then.

Trivial Pursuit question…when was it introduced? Yep…1979

Apocalypse Now was the top movie of 1979

The Dukes started flying their red car in 1979 on TVs across America

I got my first Sony Walkman in 1985, but the first edition arrived in 1979

And lots of people were listening to My Sharona by The Knack. It was Billboard’s #1 song of 1979

And here are a few more of the songs that people were listening to on their radios and Walkmans in 1979

Looks a bit different from a laptop. The Atari 400 was introduced in 1979. It had 48K max capacity. The photo above is nearly 100K!!

The Dead Zone by Stephen King was released in 1979

Some of the top albums of 1979. Have you heard of these?

Tostitos were brand new in 1979!

Pittsburgh reigned in 1979 – The Super Bowl Champs were the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The World Series Champs were the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Penguins WERE NOT in the Stanley Cup finals for the NHL however.


One of the most famous matchups in NCAA basketball championship history took place in 1979 when Michigan State, led by Magic Johnson, met Indiana State, led by Larry Bird. Michigan State won the game 75-64 and Magic Johnson was the MVP.


Media #TBT – With Murray, UT Church Athletics


The LDS Church News (in association with the Deseret News) in September 1975 featured an article about Murray 20th Ward Athletics, including a photo and quote by me. (Click on photo to enlarge)

This Sunday I celebrate the 40th Anniversary of my baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (I will have a separate post about that on Jan. 25). A big part of this was my association with the young men of the Murray 20th ward, who nurtured me in many ways.  Participation on their church teams was a confidence booster too.  In 1975 our teams won multi-regional tournaments in Softball and Basketball and took second overall in Volleyball.  After winning multi-regional in Basketball in 1975, the Murray Eagle newspaper also had a feature article about us (Mar. 27, 1975)

27Mar1975 Murray Eagle

An article that appeared in the local Murray Eagle newspaper in March 1975 to detail about our multi-region championship in Basketball. (Click on article to enlarge and read)

As I look back on this group, along with others who were serving LDS missions at the time this was taken, but were also instrumental in our athletics and in my life, I am grateful for the everlasting friendships that developed from these.

Synchronicity on a Saturday Night: UK Basketball & Antsy McClain

UK and Antsy McClain

UK and Antsy McClain

This is a true story of unusual events that happened on April 5, 2014. I take no real meaning from it, but there were notable coincidences that make for a fun story. Indeed, Synchronicity was there.

SynchronicitySynchronicity is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related. The subject sees it as a meaningful coincidence. The concept of synchronicity was first described by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s. I find synchronicity daily as I say words that happen to be said at the same time on the radio…happens ALL the time!!


Synchronicity Theory

Jung believed that many experiences that are coincidences due to chance in terms of causality suggested the manifestation of parallel events or circumstances in terms of meaning, reflecting this governing dynamic.

Before I tell about this synchronicity, I feel I should provide a few pieces of background about all this.

1. I have cheered on Kentucky basketball for many years, but have not really ever been a true “blue-blooded” fan. Rather, I have been more of a BYU fan for various reasons.

2. I first met Antsy McClain in 1993. We worked side by side in Shelbyville, KY at a Japanese auto parts manufacturer as Japanese interpreters.

3. I am not originally from Kentucky, but my step mother had ancestral roots here, which I later learned after doing genealogy upon arrival in Kentucky.

4. All of my children graduated high school in Kentucky.

5. I have two children that graduated from UK.

6. My college professor/mentor at Arizona State University graduated from UK.

7. My wife recently was hired to a position at UK

8. Antsy McClain went to UK

9. I have worked and, at times, traveled with Antsy McClain and his music interests in varying capacities over the past 20 years.

10. My real passions in life are travel, music (especially Antsy McClain) and my grandchildren. I love sports as well, but they rank lower on the “passion scale.”

UK FlagThese things being said, I do get excited when UK gets into the Sweet Sixteen and, like the majority of Lexingtonians, I do get caught up in March Madness. (For an example of how “Mad” and “Crazy”, see this article on Couch Burning in Lexington). Indeed, I was really excited to see that UK would play in the final four beginning on April 5.

Antsy McClain

Antsy McClain

However, on April 5 I had other plans. For a few months I have been planning to go to the Cincinnati area to see Antsy McClain performing a concert with a band comprised of some other individuals I know well (Pauly Zarb and Pat Kirtley).

Lunch with my wife Julianne in Cincinnati on Antsy Day / Game Day

Lunch with my wife Julianne in Cincinnati on Antsy Day / Game Day

So on Saturday morning my wife and I ventured to Cincinnati, had a good time seeing if you sites and then headed northwest to the small town of Harrison, Ohio to see Antsy and the Trailer Park Troubadours perform at the Martin Marietta Center at Harrison High School. But, I did as any real UK fan would do, I wore a UK hat and UK shirt to the show to promote my support for them in the final four against Wisconsin.

Hanging with Antsy before the show, in my UK gear

Hanging with Antsy before the show, in my UK gear

Upon arrival, there were a few people that noticed my UK outfit and asked if I was not at the wrong venue? Of course, I am more of a Pink Blooded (as in Flamingohead) Antsy fan. And my opportunities to see my close friend perform are few and far between.

Sumoflam with good Aussie mate Pauly Zarb

Sumoflam with good Aussie mate Pauly Zarb

So, with iPhone (and an ESPN app) in hand, we visited with Antsy, Pauly Zarb ( an Australian musician who has performed with Antsy for many years, a former resident of Bardstown and a big UK fan), Chris “Spoonz” Long, the drummer (and a UK fan) and amazing guitarist Pat Kirtley (also from Bardstown and a UK fan). After that we enjoyed a great show ( and monitored the score of the UK/Wisconsin game, which went back and forth).

Sumoflam with fellow Kentuckian and AMAZING guitarist Pat Kirtley

Sumoflam with fellow Kentuckian and AMAZING guitarist Pat Kirtley

The show was fabulous and ended while there was still three minutes left in the UK/Wisconsin game. We hurriedly said our goodbyes to everyone in the green room. Pauly already had the TV turned on to the game.

UK vs. Wisconsin

UK vs. Wisconsin

Julianne and I hustled out to the car and watched the last three minutes in the Harrison High School parking lot. It was so exciting. And with 7 seconds left UK Freshman Aaron Harrison knocked out a three pointer to gain the lead. They stopped Wisconsin on the other end to win and advance to the championship.

Aaron Harrison after scoring the three to drop Wisconsin

Aaron Harrison after scoring the three to drop Wisconsin

It struck me as funny that we were in Harrison, OH and in the Harrison High School parking lot watching Harrison drain a 3 for the win!! Synchronicity!!

Harrison Twins on cover of VYPE Magazine in November 2012

Harrison Twins on cover of VYPE Magazine in November 2012

But the story doesn’t end there. Aaron and his twin brother Andrew were recruited by UK from a high school in Houston. Back in November 2012 they were featured on the cover of VYPE magazine in Houston. I knew this because I manage the websites for VYPE.com and work closely with the Houston group. With the last 3 games the Harrisons have been key to getting the wins. In fact, Aaron Harrison has drained a game winning shot in each of the games. More Synchronicity!!

Harrison Twins at Kentucky

Harrison Twins at Kentucky

So, all of this was melded in the Harrison High School parking lot…Antsy from UK in Harrison while we wore our UK gear and seeing Harrison, who I knew from VYPE, shoot a real game winner! So exciting.

UK Celebrates after victory over Wisconsin in final seconds

UK Celebrates after victory over Wisconsin in final seconds

Then, there is the final fun irony….my son Seth lives in Connecticut and now has the opportunity to wear his UK gear to work in the midst of all these Connecticut folks.

My son Seth and his wife Holly decked out in UK gear.

My son Seth and his wife Holly decked out in UK gear.

Julianne and I are caught up in the madness and look forward to watching the UK / UConn championship game tonight!!  In fact, for today I have even changed my Sumoflam logo….

Sumoflam_head UK

Sumoflam turns blue for UK!!

GO CATS! Go Big Blue!!

And remember…..

Only YOU can prevent couch fires

Only YOU can prevent couch fires


March Madness and Colonel Crazies!

A Colonel Crazy

A Colonel Crazy

March is the time of year for Basketball Tournaments – we all know about the NCAA National Championships – the brackets, the wildness, the March Madness.  But, these trickle down to other levels as well.  And I have been fortunate to be a participant of these at many levels.

Sumoflam at KHSAA Sweet 16

Sumoflam at KHSAA Sweet 16

Last week I worked with my friends at PrepSpin.com to assist in broadcasting the events of the KHSAA (Kentucky High School Athletic Association) Boys’ Sweet 16 Tournament held in Rupp Arena.  Today, when people around the country hear the term “Sweet 16”, they typically think of the quarterfinal round of the NCAA Tournament.  What most people may not know is that the term “Sweet 16” originated in 1918 in Kentucky (and the KHSAA actually holds a trademark on the phrase – they got it in 1988).  The KHSAA has licensed the use of the term to the NCAA as they split along high school and collegiate lines.  The term “March Madness” did not originate with the NCAA either. The Illinois High School Basketball Championship was the first tournament to be called ‘March Madness‘. The term was first used about the Illinois tournament in 1939 (coined by H.V. Porter to capture the spirit of High School Basketball Tournaments), decades before it was used about NCAA basketball tournament.  The IHSA has a nice writeup about Porter and his coining of the term.

Covington Catholic cheering section at Rupp Arena

Covington Catholic cheering section (the Colonel Crazies) at Rupp Arena

Indeed, the basketball tournaments, from High School, to Junior Colleges (see the NJCAA Men’s National Basketball Championship Tournament) to the NCAA are not only known for their great basketball, but for their fan craziness!  These have become big events with mascots, inflatables, half time shows and competitions, etc.

Sumoflam and the National Guard guy at KHSAA Sweet 16

Sumoflam and the National Guard guy at KHSAA Sweet 16

My first real experience with these at any level was back in 1972, while a sophomore at Charles M. Russell High School in Great Falls, Montana.  I was in the Marching Band there (played saxophone) and we ran the concessions for the games.  Because of the nice domed arena the school had (one of the nicest in the country at the time), many of the state tournaments were played there.  I ran the “hot dog steamer” post during these events.  It was always an exciting time.  Even then, the fans were crazy!! (And the Hot Dogs were awesome!)

Hot Dog Steamer

Hot Dog Steamer – Kind of like what was used in the 1970s

My next opportunity to really enjoy March Madness was when I got tickets to attend the BYU vs. Xavier game at Rupp Arena in March 2007. What a game that was (though BYU lost 79-77).  It was an exciting time to be a BYU Fan.

A mock up with my friend Glen Krebs -- March Madness

A mock up with my friend Glen Krebs — March Madness

During my employment at iHigh.com I had the opportunity to work with the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) and managed the initial setup of their NJCAA-TV internet broadcast program.



The glowing crown jewel for the NJCAA was their Men’s and Women’s National Basketball Championships held in Hutchinson, KS (for the Men) and Salina, KS (for the Women).  As the manager of the NJCAA program at the time, I journeyed to Kansas and oversaw the production of the broadcasts of all Men’s and Women’s games.  This was a lot of work, but it was also loads of fun with all of the activities and excitement.

Practicing the art of Monitoring Broadcasts

Practicing the art of Monitoring Broadcasts

Sumoflam the Broadcaster

Sumoflam the Broadcaster

During my time at iHigh we also broadcast all of the KHSAA tournaments, but I typically stayed at the office to monitor the broadcasts, so I never got in on the excitement.  But this year I did.  The games were all fun, but, it is the “Madness” part of March Madness that I got into….

Getting in on the madness with CovCath cheerleaders (man in black)

Getting in on the madness with CovCath cheerleaders (man in black)

The event started with 16 Teams and ended with 4 last Friday, including Scott County (my good friend Mike Ritchie broadcasts for them and my daughter in law Holly graduated from there), Trinity (from Louisville), Covington Catholic (the Cinderella team) and Bowling Green (also a Cinderella).  The two Final Four games (the official NCAA story is that “Final Four” was coined by a Cleveland Plain Dealer sportswriter, Ed Chay. In a 1975 article for the Official Collegiate Basketball Guide, Chay wrote that Al McGuire’s Marquette squad “was one of the final four” in the previous year’s tournament. Something about the phrase struck a chord with the NCAA’s marketing folks, and they started capitalizing it as “Final Four” in 1978. It is, of course, now trademarked.)

Broadcasting the KHSAA in March 2014

Broadcasting the KHSAA in March 2014

During the 2014 KHSAA Sweet 16 I worked in the bowels of Rupp Arena where I was responsible for the broadcasts of the Post Game interviews through the semifinals.  I also provided live Tweets for VYPE Magazine of Louisville. (I manage the VYPE.com Network websites). Scott County outlasted Trinity and then Covington Catholic came on strong against Bowling Green.  But, the real interest to me was the CovCath Student Cheering Section (affectionately known as the “Colonel Crazies“).  In the first two games they rocked and shook the arena.  I never really got to see them the first two times around, so I decided to head out during the semifinals.  They were all coordinated…dressed in black and their cheering and movements all seemed practiced and choreographed.  CovCath is an all boys school so these guys were rambunctious and fun loving!

Sumoflam and the CovCath Cheering Section

Sumoflam (in his VYPE hat) and the CovCath Colonel Crazies

CovCath Student Cheering Section

CovCath Student Cheering Section – the Colonel Crazies

A "Batman" from CovCath during the seminfinal game

A “Batman” from CovCath during the semifinal game

Colonel Crazies at Rupp Arena

Colonel Crazies at Rupp Arena

Cheering on the Colonels of CovCath

Cheering on the Colonels of CovCath

During halftime the wave went around the arena but when it hit the CovCath boys they had “fast” waves and “slow motion” waves as well.

The following video then shows their Fast Motion waves as well as some real FAN excitement.  This was one of my iPhone videos I uploaded to YouTube.

As well, at halftime, and to the delight of the CovCath boys, Cincinnati restauranteur Jeff Ruby (owner of Luxury Steak House Jeff Ruby’s chain) bought pizza’s for each of the boys in the cheering section pizza (apparently 119 pizzas).

Jeff Ruby watching the CovCath Cheering Squad enjoy pizza at half time

Jeff Ruby watching the CovCath Cheering Squad enjoy pizza at half time

CovCath Cheerleader showing off his halftime pizza (courtesy of Jeff Ruby!)

CovCath Cheerleader showing off his halftime pizza (courtesy of Jeff Ruby!)

At the end the Scott County Cardinals would face off with the Covington Catholic Colonels for the 2014 Kentucky State Championship

Scott County Press Conference after semi-final victory over Trinity

Scott County Press Conference after semi-final victory over Trinity

In the end the Championship game was all is was touted to be.  Scott County took off strong but CovCath fought back and at the end of the clock they were tied and headed to overtime.  CovCath continued their end of the game hot streak by defeating Scott County 59-51 in overtime.  And, as Jeff Ruby noted on his Twitter site, they couldn’t have done it without the support of the Colonel Crazies.

CovCath Colonel Crazies Cheering Squad with avid supporter Jeff Ruby (taken from Jeff Ruby's Twitter site)

CovCath Colonel Crazies Cheering Squad with avid supporter Jeff Ruby (taken from Jeff Ruby’s Twitter site)

Though I was rooting for Scott County, I am happy for the CovCath Colonels.  Having been ranked to finish 5th in their region, they came out on top then came to state as an underdog and proved their worth.  Their determination and hard fought basketball (and their Free Throws!!) won the game for them.

Go UK!

Go UK!

Now to get ready for the NCAA Sweet 16 game when University of Kentucky takes on Louisville….an in-state rivalry playing their game in Indianapolis later this week.  GO CATS!!