It’s An Attitude Thing – A Poem

It’s An Attitude Thing – Awesome But Getting Better

imageWhen I am out and about
And asked ” How are you?”
I always reply
“Awesome, but getting better”

imageWhen I wake up groggy and tired
I just make up my mind
And say to myself
“Awesome, but getting better”

imageThough I’m getting older
And I’ve got too much weight
I can still think out loud
“Awesome, but getting better”

imageMy knees, they may ache
My back, it may hurt
Nonetheless I can be
“Awesome, but getting better”

imageYou see, it’s an attitude thing
To get on with your life
Always room to improve and be
“Awesome, but getting better”

Poem and Photography © 2015 Sumoflam Productions and David Kravetz


4 thoughts on “It’s An Attitude Thing – A Poem

  1. Right on, we all have yet to master being masters of our own minds though recognizing how important it is to say to myself I am Awesome, but getting better to defy any and all physical or mental blocks and anguish. To not admit defeat but recognize I am sad but say that I am Awesome, but getting better, challenges the conscious reality of our circumstance(s) to the core. This must constantly be challenged and in doing so usually always prevails over our weaker, defeated and usually dated frame and we may find ourselves going out of our way for someone and witness good for we went out of our way for ourselves. Quite simple.

    Great David, really!

    Thanks, Matt

  2. When asked how I am, my standard reply (with a trademark hair flip) is ‘Fabulous.’ My friend responded last week, “I wish I was fabulous.” I put my hand on her shoulder, looked her square in the eye and explained. “Some days we’re grouchy. Some days we’re sick or sad or whatever. But the God who created us and the whole universe thinks we are FABULOUS. Who are we to question HIS opinion?”

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