Another Day in Paradise?

As always, I fall behind in my blog updates. Been working too many hours recently as a Boost Mobile Customer Care Agent.

This has been an experience, doing Boost work. The majority of customers seem to be “urban” folks. I have learned a great deal about this quadrant of society and not much has been good. Many of the calls I have taken are VERY expletive laced and many people think that Boost owes them a few “credit minutes.”

In the mean time, we recently learned that ACS will lost the Boost Call Center at the end of May as it will be “off-shored.” Many of the agents fear they will lose their jobs while, at the same time, ACS is hiring a number of positions for the newly established Apple call center. This has incensed many of the Boost agents since the Boost General Manager refuses to allow any transfers until May 31, but Apple’s last training class is May 18.

Fortunately for me, I fought this fiercely and was blessed to get one of the Apple positions for May 18 and the Boost GM signed off on mine. It will mean a $1/hr pay cut, but will mean continued employment, and, more importantly, health insurance. My COBRA from Lexmark expires on May 31, but on June 1 I kick into ACS benefits…and the health insurance savings will amount to about $500/month.

Thus far, many others have not been as lucky. A few have taken the Apple tests and passed everything, but they are being stonewalled by the system. They are not bring allowed interviews without the Boost GM’s signature and she refuses to sign. At the same time, others are leaving and the Call Center is scrambling to fill seats to meet commitments to Boost.

Should be an interesting 2 weeks.
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